A Free, Cross-Platform Desktop Client for the Graasp Ecosystem

Download the open source, community version of Graasp Desktop for your preferred operating system.

Interactive, Collaborative Learning Spaces

Create encapsulated learning activities composed of text, images, videos, and even apps or labs. All these elements are presented in a dynamic and attractive layout, and can be shared with a specific group of students or with a wider audience.

Offline Support

Graasp Desktop works both online and offline. While online, you can visit and download learning spaces using a link or by searching for spaces that have been tagged near your location. You can then use and share downloaded spaces, even if you no longer have access to an internet connection.

User Management

With an out-of-the-box user management system, multiple students can use the same application on the same computer. Each user can have custom settings, create private and personal input data, and save their favorite spaces for future access.

Learning Analytics

A visualization dashboard allows teachers to access actions more conveniently and provides an overview of their students’ activities. A more compact dashboard is also provided to students so that they can follow their learning progress.

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